Designed for Argodesign, 2015 

Peek is an interactive, gesture controlled laser projector. It allows you to use any table, wall, or floor as a work surface instead of relying on your LCD screen.

The goal of Peek is to provide a more immersive, collaborative office environment. Laptops and cell phones provide single-user experiences, and classic projectors don't allow meaningful collaboration. Peek is meant to bring down the barriers of technology by creating a multi-user experience.

Kevin McDonald, Project Manager
Jolee Nebert, Industrial / User Experience Design
Johnathan Simmons, Graphic / Interaction Design

8 week turnaround

"Explore how emerging technologies could change the future of the office."

There when you need it

Peek is a stand-alone system; you can use it without a laptop or phone. It is the size of a coffee thermos and just as easy to grab & go. Peek uses laser projection to beautifully illuminate videos, text, and user content onto flat surfaces.

Peek's 360 degree projection technology allows full user control. Bu using hand gestures, the interface size and angle can be set depending on the type of work to be done.

A Tactile World

Using infrared light, Peek tracks fingertips, gestures, and pen movement to determine the user's interaction. Adding a stylus allows life-like handwriting and tactile feedback. Drawings can be made on paper and colored digitally,

Technology has created a barrier in the office... Truly collaborative tools are hard to find.

Web Experience

A website experience was created to walk the viewer through the office of the future.

How it came to be:

1. Ideation

Our team started by researching development trends in emerging technologies. Laser projection had promising progress within the last year; what would it be like to work with one on a daily basis?

2. Refinement

Over two months, or team continued to refine the experience of using Peek. We explored how collaborative work would unfold on a single display, and how projected interfaces look across varying surfaces.

3. Delivery

The final product was presented to FastCompany and featured in their 2015 article: "The Office of the Future: Invisible and Smarter Than You."

portable, collaborative, immersive technology