Designed for BlinkUX, 2016 

As tech-savvy babyboomers age, they demand more flexible healthcare options. Trace is a suite of connected health-monitoring devices that provide autonomy and dignity for patients with chronic health concerns.

Biometric data is collected wirelessly from three devices: a blood pressure monitor, activity monitor, and blood sampler. This data is synced with the user's smartphone app and pushed to the doctor of their choice. The app enables doctors to monitor patients without requiring weekly in-person checkups.

Haley Douglas, Marketing
Jolee Nebert, Industrial / User Experience Design
Eugene Choi, Graphic / Interaction Design

4 week turnaround

"Provide an at-home connected chronic health monitor that baby boomers want to use."

Mobile monitoring

Patients suffering from a chronic condition often make doctor office visits 1-2 times per week, often for routine check-ups. Our team wanted to cut that figure by 75% while still maintaining a strong doctor-patient relationship. Since the Trace product suite is wireless, patients carry only the monitors they need with them; vitals that only need monitoring morning and night can stay at home, on the charge base.

Each product features an interaction button with an LED indicator light. When this button is pushed, it prompts a response within the app. Pressing the blood pressure button initiates the testing sequence, while pressing the button on the activity tracker prompts a new Timeline entry. Patients track their exercise, diet, and activities by simply tapping the button and making an entry in the app.

Meaningful connections

Trace allows full transparency between doctors and patients. A patient may choose to work with their general practitioner, as a way to enhance their current care, or to pair with a specialist through the app's doctor partnership network. 24/7 on-call help is available for urgent questions.

Doctors take an active roll in monitoring, encouraging, and gamifying the experience. Goals are set and encouraged in a colorful, non-intimidating way. When a patient succeeds at their goals, their doctor congratulates them personally through the app.

"Trace is not intimidating. It is a fun, simple way to spend less time in the doctor's office."

Our process:
How we created, tested, and delivered Trace

1. Ideation

Our team stated by listening to the needs of baby boomers and doctors. Over 80 individuals were asked about their healthcare needs, driving our ideation and brainstorm phase. We began sketching user interfaces for testing with consumers.

2. Refinement

Over six rounds of user testing the user interface and product interaction was refined. Users preferred clean designs with icons and text; color was used to differentiate each product in the suite and its interaction. We began the physical prototype phase of the product and app.

3. Delivery

After a final round of user testing, a full interface mockup and screenflow was delivered to the client along with physical models and cad files. Their team continues to test and refine the product for development and launching in Spring 2017.